Activities & Resources

Activities and Resources

Each module in our education program uses specially designed, fun and informative activities, and support resources to help you take children on this learning journey about water conservation and use.

 We also have a list of links to other sources of information noted within the 'Support materials, links and additional resources' section at the start of each module's downloadable program. 

 Eddy Wade

Quick Links

1.  All Activities and Support Resources and Factsheet(PDF, 14MB)

2. Complete Early Learning Water Education Program - overview and all modules(PDF, 20MB)

Printable Activities and Support Resources 

You can download and use all activity sheets and support resources in the Quick Links area above, or as a collection per Module below, or download them individually by choosing the one's you want from the full list further down this page.

Module 1: The Water Cycle

All Module 1 Activity Sheets and Support Resources(PDF, 304KB)

Module 2: How do We Use Water?

All Module 2 Activity Sheets and Support Resources(PDF, 10MB)

Module 3: Water In Bathurst

All Module 3 Activity Sheets and Support Resources(PDF, 6MB)

Module 4: Being Conservative With Water

All Module 4 Activity Sheets and Support Resources and Factsheet(PDF, 6MB)

Module 5: Keeping Our Waterways Clean and Healthy

All Module 5 Activity Sheets and Support Resources(PDF, 647KB)

Full List of Activity Sheets and Support Resources

Activity Sheet: Compete the Water Cycle(PDF, 292KB)
Activity Sheet: Cloud Template(PDF, 165KB)
Activity Sheet: Water in the Environment Matching Cards(PDF, 27MB)
Activity Sheet: Water Use Flashcards(PDF, 4MB)
Activity Sheet: Water Use at Home(PDF, 192KB)
Activity Sheet: Wade Family Indoors(PDF, 2MB)
Activity Sheet: Wade Family Outdoors(PDF, 2MB)
Activity Sheet - Water Discovery Walk(PDF, 208KB)
Weather Across the Seasons (A4 poster)(PDF, 162KB)
Activity Sheet: Weather Across the Seasons (icons to cut out)(PDF, 401KB)
Activity Sheet: Weather Diary Worksheet(PDF, 168KB)
Activity Sheet: Water Storage and Use (maze)(PDF, 1MB)
Activity Sheet: Remember...Water Let's Make It Last Sticker Template(PDF, 2MB)
Support Resource - Examples of Stickers(PDF, 2MB)
Support Resource: Dry Environment(PDF, 3MB)
Support Resource: Wet Environment(PDF, 3MB)
Support Resource: Map of Bathurst Regional Council's Filtered and Raw Water System(PDF, 1MB)
Support Resource - Stormwater Drain(PDF, 2MB)
Support Resource - Chifley Dam(PDF, 4MB)
Support Resource - Reservoir(PDF, 2MB)
Support Resource - Water Filtration Station(PDF, 3MB)
Support Resource - Water Pump Station(PDF, 3MB)
Support Resource - World Map with Oceans(PDF, 2MB)
Support Resource - Plastic Bottle Impact(PDF, 870KB)


Factsheet: Water Smart Gardening for Schools and Early Learning Environments(PDF, 4MB)

Fun Extras

Activity Sheet: Eddy Dot-to-Dot(PDF, 226KB)
Activity Sheet: Brooke Dot-to-Dot(PDF, 249KB)