Trade Waste

Trade waste means all liquid waste produced from a business, commercial or industrial activity other than sewage of a domestic nature (i.e. liquid waste from toilet, hand wash basin, shower and bath wastes).

Trade waste dischargers are required to gain approval from Council to discharge the liquid waste into Council's sewerage system.

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Who Discharges Trade Waste?

A number of activities have been identified as trade waste activities by the NSW Office of Water and Council.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • business/commercial premises (eg. beautician, florist, hairdresser, hotel, motel,  restaurant, butcher, service station, supermarket, dentist, car washes, laundromat’s and pet shops);
  • community/public premises (including craft club, school, college, university, hospital and nursing homes, pre-schools and kindergartens);
  • industrial premises;
  • trade activities (eg. mobile carpet cleaner); and
  • sale yards, racecourses and from stables and kennels not associated with domestic  households.

How Do I Get Approval?  

To gain approval from Council to discharge trade waste, an application form must be lodged.  An application form can be completed by either the property owner(s) or the tenant(s).  Where the tenant(s) apply for approval they must have written consent from the property owner(s). 

The application form requires details such as waste characteristics, pre-treatment, hours of operations, etc.

The approval contains conditions under which the business can discharge trade waste and the application forms are available from Council's Web Site under Council Forms or from Council’s Trade Waste Officer.

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 188KB)

Council’s Trade Waste Officer on (02) 6333 6530.

Discharge of Septic Tank and Pan Waste to Sewer

For requirements to discharge Septic Tank, Chemical Toilet or pan contents to Council's sewer, refer to Council's Trade Waste Policy(PDF, 479KB).   To commence an application please complete the Trade Waste Enquiry Form.