Threatened Species in the Bathurst Region


The Bathurst Region is home to a range of threatened species, ranging from Koalas, Scarlet Robins, to the Purple Copper Butterfly. A Threatened Species Database has been prepared which is a list of all known threatened species in the region. A summary of the research and list of species in the Threatened Species Database can be downloaded here...(PDF, 1MB)

There are 90 threatened plants and animal species in the region, including:

  • 16 plants
  • 1 invertebrate - the Bathurst Copper Butterfly
  • 4 fish
  • 3 frogs
  • 6 reptiles
  • 39 birds
  • 21 mammals

The Bathurst region contains stands of White Box - Yellow Box- Blakely's Red Gum Grassy Woodland and Derived Native Grassland, more commonly known as Box-gum Woodland (BGW), which is a critically endangered ecological community.

The critically endangered Regent Honeyeater (photo by Dean Ingwersen)

Council is working to restore endangered communities and species by improving the habitat available.

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