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Citizenship Ceremonies

Becoming an Australia Citizen – Bathurst Regional Council

Citizenship ceremonies are an important event in the lives of people who have chosen to become new Australian citizens. It is a significant occasion and Bathurst Regional Council is proud to assist in the final steps to Australian citizenship.

Becoming an Australian citizen confers upon people certain responsibilities as well as privileges and benefits. Most importantly, as an Australian citizen you have the opportunity to have your say on how our country should be run by being able to vote at local, state and federal elections.

Citizenship Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an Australia Citizen?

Applications for citizenship are managed by the Department of Home Affairs. For information on eligibility and how to apply to be an Australian citizen, please contact the Department of Home Affairs citizenship information line on 131 880.

Once citizenship applications have been processed by the Department, and Council has been notified of an applicant’s success, an invitation will be sent to attend a ceremony at Bathurst Regional Council where new citizens will receive their Citizenship Certificate. This can take up to 6 months from the date of your approval letter.

Bathurst Regional Council is only responsible for hosting the citizenship ceremony, which is the final stage receiving your citizenship. Applicants are advised to ensure their address is up-to-date in their ImmiAccount.

Do I need to attend a ceremony to receive my certificate?

Attending a citizenship ceremony is the compulsory final stage of becoming an Australian citizen. Candidates must attend and recite the pledge in order to validate their citizenship and receive their certificate.

How often are ceremonies held?

Bathurst Regional Council holds three to four ceremonies per year depending on demand from local residents who have been approved to become Australia Citizens by the Department of Home Affairs.

What to expect at a citizenship ceremony?

Bathurst Regional Council ceremonies are held at either the Council Chambers or at the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (you will be advised of the location in your invitation). On arrival conferees are welcomed by Council staff who check your Drivers Licence or Passport to confirm your identity. Once everyone has been seated, the ceremony begins. It is not possible to enter the ceremony once it has commenced, so if you are late, you will miss out.

The ceremony is usually hosted by the Mayor of Bathurst, and can be attended by Councillors, state and federal members, Council staff, and representatives from local community groups. Those planning to become citizens will be required to recite the Australian Citizenship Pledge. Following the pledge, new citizens will receive their Australian Citizenship Certificate. There may also be a chance for a photograph with the Mayor and dignitaries.

If you are over the age of 18, you will also receive an Electoral Enrolment form to be completed so that your name can be added to the Electoral Roll.

Can I bring guests to my ceremony?

Guest capacities are capped at ceremonies to ensure we can accommodate as many new citizens as possible. Guest numbers permitted at your ceremony will be outlined in your invitation.

I am unable to attend the ceremony, what should I do?

If you have been invited to a ceremony that you are unable to attend, please follow the steps outlined in your invitation to notify Council.

How long will a Citizenship Ceremony take?

Ceremonies generally take 45 minutes. Please ensure you arrive early, as we are unable to accept late arrivals once the ceremony begins.

Further questions?

For further information on your citizenship application status or eligibility please contact the Department of Home Affairs Citizenship info line on 131 880 or visit

Please note: Bathurst Regional Council does not process applications and our staff are not involved in any decision making. All decisions are made by the Department of Home Affairs.

Any further questions about your ceremony, please contact the Mayor’s office on (02) 6333 6205.

Australia Day Awards

The Australian Honours and Awards system recognises the outstanding service and contributions of Australians. Recipients come from right across the country and from all walks of life. While some are well-known, the majority are unsung heroes.

While typically they haven’t sought thanks or recognition, they deserve both. The Honours and Awards system gives the nation a chance to celebrate and acknowledge those who work tirelessly to improve local communities and to make Australia a better place.

Any Australian can nominate someone for an award. Nominations are assessed by the Honours and Awards Secretariat, considered by the Council of the Order of Australia before recommendations are made to the Governor-General.

The Australian Honours and Awards system includes:

Members of the local community will be recognised for their contributions and achievements in our Australia Day festivities. To find out more about the awards visit Citizen of the Year, Living Legends Award, Event of the Year Awards and Youth Arts Award.

Event of the Year Awards

If you or someone you know has staged a successful event in 2023 then this is the opportunity to be recognised for the planning, dedication and commitment that often goes unnoticed.

The 2023 Bathurst Region Event of the Year Awards celebrate events that add to the living experience in Bathurst and recognises events that have strengthened Bathurst as a tourist destination.

There are three categories of awards:

Community Event of the Year Award
Events that promote long term benefits for the community, enhance community involvement, and showcase what the Bathurst Region has to offer. Events that add to the living experience in Bathurst.

Bathurst as a Destination Event of the Year Award
Events that promote visitation to the Bathurst Region, increase overnight stays, and improve the Bathurst Region economy. Events that have strengthened Bathurst as a tourist destination.

Bathurst New Event of the Year Award
Recognises a new event that was held in 2023.


The winner will receive a $1,500 radio advertising package with 2BS and B-Rock to be spent advertising their 2024 event.


Nominations close first week of January 2024.


In 2015 as part of the Bathurst Bicentenary celebrations the award Bathurst 200 Living Legends was introduced.

The title, Living Legend, recognises the achievements of individuals and the way they have contributed positively to the community. They could be proven leaders amongst their peers. They possess a drive to promote the positive qualities of Council, the community and local businesses.

An individual will be considered for the Living Legends list if they are currently living within the Bathurst Regional Council area and have contributed to making Bathurst a great place to live and visit.

The Legends are each honoured with a tree planted in the Living Legends Avenue of trees on Bradwardine Road, with a plaque identifying each Legend's tree.


Those who have been honoured with the title of Living Legend can be found here...(PDF, 3MB)

Living Legends Tree Avenue

Citizen of the Year | NOMINATIONS CLOSED

The Local Citizen of the Year Award honours a deserving member of the community and recognises their outstanding contribution to the local community. The award is presented annually as part of the Australia Day awards ceremony.

The Citizen of the Year Awards have been a part of the Australia Day in NSW program since 2005, with Local Government Areas (LGAs) embracing the program to celebrate outstanding citizens across the state. The Australia Day Council of NSW provides certificates for presentation to the Citizen of the Year with the local Citizen of the Year Award administered by Bathurst Regional Council.

The role of the Citizen of the Year

The Citizen of the Year is encouraged to be involved in a number of Council initiatives and activities such as:

  • Council’s civic and community functions and events
  • Other Council programs and activities as appropriate.
Eligibility, conditions of entry & assessment criteria Citizen of the Year

Nominations will be reviewed by Council staff to ensure eligibility requirements and conditions have been met.

All eligible nominees will be considered for the Citizen of the Year award and invited to the Australia Day awards ceremony and announced as a nominee at the presentation of the Citizen of the Year award.

Nominations received after the advertised closing date, or those ruled ineligible will not be considered, but will be provided the opportunity to reapply in the following year. A new nomination form needs to be lodged in future years, previous year’s nomination forms will not be accepted.



The Bathurst Youth Arts Award recognises outstanding young creative individuals from the age of 12 to 18, who live in the Bathurst Regional Council area and who have distinguished themselves in their particular area of the arts during 2023.

This award will be presented at the Australia Day Awards ceremony on Friday 26 January 2024.