Recycling Bin


Aerosol cans (empty)
Aluminium cans
Aluminium foil and plates (clean or dirty)
Books including phone books
Bottles and jars
Cardboard and paperboard
Cereal boxes
Coffee cans
Computer paper
Cosmetic jars (clean)
Drink water bottles
Envelopes (including window faced)
Food cans
Greeting cards
Ice cream containers
Juice containers
Junk mail
Margarine tubs
Milk bottles and cartons
Motor oil containers (empty)
Office paper
Oil containers (empty)
Pet food tins (empty)
Phone books
Pizza boxes (empty)
Plastic bottles, tubs and jars
Shampoo and conditioner bottles
Steel cans
Take away containers (hard plastic)
Toilet roll inners
Wine and beer bottles
Wrapping paper
Yoghurt containers


  • Please do not put recycling in plastic bags as any bagged recycling is a health and safety hazard and sent to landfill.

  • Please remove all plastic lids from bottles and containers and place these in the red lidded waste bin.

  • Please rinse all containers, jars and bottles before placing them in the recycling bin, one tip is to use the washing up water after washing dishes for this purpose to save water.

  • Put newspaper, junk mail or paper towel in the bin first to help absorb any moisture and keep the bin clean.

  • If you bin is missed or damaged please phone JR Richards Waste Hotline on 1300 725 415

  • Ensure the lid of your bin is completely closed to reduce odours and risk of vermin.

  • Place your bin on the street the night before collection day to ensure it is collected.

  • If your bin is missed or damaged please submit the forms on this app to notify Council or call Council on (02) 6333 6100.

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