General Waste

General Waste


Animal droppings
Band aids and dressings
Bread bags and tags
Cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs
Cereal box inserts
Crockery and cutlery
Cutlery - disposable plastic
Disposable nappies and baby wipes
Drinking glasses
Foam boxes
Foam underlay
Garden hose
Hygiene and sanitary products
Kitty litter
Lolly and sweet wrappers
Meat trays (polystyrene and plastic)
Oyster shells
Pens,pencils, crayons
Plastic bags
Plastic wrap
Plastic toys
Polystyrene cups and packaging
Soft plastics including pasta bags, potato chip and snack bags
Supermarket bags (reusable)
Toothbrushes and toothpaste tubs
Treated timber
Vacuum cleaner dust
Window glass and mirrors



Medical waste or syringes
Food scraps or garden waste
Hazardous waste such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
Chemical and other liquids
Building waste
Car parts

  • Ensure the lid of your bin is completely closed to reduce odours and risk of vermin.

  • Place your bin on the street the night before collection day to ensure it is collected.

  • By sorting your waste properly you could potentially reduce your red bin rubbish by more than half. A waste audit found that 60% of rubbish found in red bins should be put in green bins, and a further 20% should be put in yellow bins.

  • Place your bin on the street the night before collection day to ensure it is collected.

  • If your bin is missed or damaged please notify Council or call Council on (02) 6333 6111.

  • Bag or wrap your general rubbish before putting it in the red bin. Old plastic shopping bags can be used to tie up your rubbish if you do not have black bags or bin liners.

  • Pet waste can be buried in your garden. If you decide to throw it away, bag or double-bag it securely to prevent smells and flies.

  • Wrap, bag or double-bag nappies and sanitary items to reduce smells. There are products available such as odour neutralising nappy bags and bin deodorisers that can help.

  • Consider using washable cloth nappies to reduce waste.

When and how to put your waste bin out

Pick up of Garbage in the Bathurst City area is picked up 365 days per year.  Please be advised if your garbage pick up day falls on any Public Holiday then garbage pick up is as normal.  

Never lose track of bin night again.  Download the FREE app Bathurst Waste Services Guide from the Apple Store or Google Play for a collection calendar, to set reminders for bin night, report problems, view an interactive map of recycling locations and much more information.

  • Put it out the night before for collection.
  • The lid should open towards the street with wheels and hinges facing your property.
  • Keep your bin clear of cars, trees or poles.
  • Do not put grass clippings in the bin during winter, as it will freeze and will not come out.
  • Do not crush cardboard in your bin as it will block and not come out.
  • Do not place any liquids in the bin.
  • Do not over fill your bin as it will spill on emptying.
  • Return your bin to where it is stored as soon as possible when bin has being emptied.


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