Retirement Village and Aged Care Homes

Older People

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Retirement Villages

A retirement village is a residential complex mainly occupied by retired people aged over 55 years who have entered into some form of contractual arrangement with the owner. For more information about retirement villages visit

Retirement Villages in Bathurst

Oak Tree Retirement Village Bathurst
105 Stanley Street Bathurst
0438 504 540

Ingenia Gardens Bathurst
50 Colville Street Bathurst
(02) 6332 6855

RFBI Bathurst Masonic Retirement Village
200 Stewart Street Bathurst
(02) 6324 0700

Whiddon Kelso Retirement Village
Illumba Way Kelso
1300 738 388


Aged Care Homes

An aged care home (sometimes known as a nursing home or residential aged care facility) is for older people who can no longer live at home and need ongoing help with everyday tasks or health care.
For more information on aged care homes visit

Aged Care Homes in Bathurst

Bathurst Riverview Care Community | Opal Health Care
90 Stanley Street Bathurst
(02) 6334 7000

St Catherine’s
51 Gormans Hill Road Bathurst
(02) 6323 1600

Macquarie Care Centre
8 Gormans Hill Road Bathurst
(02) 6324 0300

Whiddon Kelso Retirement Village
Illumba Way Kelso
1300 738 388