Scallywags Long Day Care and Preschool

Scallywags Long Day Care Waiting List Form

Our Early Education Centre offers an ‘Exceeding’ Early Education program for children aged between 6 weeks to 5 years of age.

Qualified Education use their diverse knowledge and years of experience to promote and support children’s learning and build partnership’s with families that allow for a community approach to children’s education. The Centre follows an emergent curriculum and learning experiences are driven and inspired by the children’s interests, in connection with the Early Years Learning Framework 2.0 and National Quality Framework. The goal of our curriculum is for children to develop their creativity, imagination, resourcefulness, and persistence through negotiation, turn taking and social interactions.

The Centre is centrally located in the heart of Bathurst, behind the Ambulance station, with a view of Haymarket Reserve.

Scallywags Long Day Care is open for operation from 8:00am until 6pm weekdays and caters for up to 60 children each day. 

Grevillea Room (6 Weeks of age to 2 Years)

We understand that that choosing the right Service for your family is a big decision. Our Grevillea Room Educators support families and children in the transition to care, in developing good routines and building supportive partnerships. The program focuses on building and encouraging connection, confidence and curiosity in the children, by providing engaging, stimulating and safe environments.

The Grevillea Room is staffed by four Educators with a 1:4 ratio of Educator to Children.

Lomandra Room (2-3 Years of Age)

The educational program focuses on the developing autonomy and social skills of the children. Play-based activities which include music, movement and construction games allow for opportunities for sharing and learning together.

The Lomandra Room is staffed by 3 Educators with a 1:5 ratio of Educator to Children.

Acacia Room (3-4 Years of Age)

The educational program will be driven by the children’s interests, with a focus on developing the skills needed for preparation for the Preschool Room. Children will be supported as they continue to develop and refine their social understandings and begin to explore more complex play styles. Early literacy, STEM and Creative arts become more of a focus in this age group.

The Acacia room is staffed by two Educators with a 1:10 ratio of Educator to Children.

Enriching Generations Programme

Scallywags actively engages with Illumba Gardens undertaking an intergenerational playgroup involving the Acacia Room Children. This program benefits the older generation by providing stimulation whilst the children develop friendships and a sense of ‘connectedness’ within their community. By having this experience the children develop a sense of belonging within their community and have a greater understanding of the world they live in.

We catch the bus to Illumba Garden, the children love the ride, we identify and recognise many different places within our community on the our bus trip.

During our visits the children engage with their new friends and engage in many fun activities. This may include art and craft, Storytime and some singing. Or just having a chat and cuddle.

By sitting and engaging with residents it has so many benefits for both the children and our Elder Residents. The children make special connections and love the Grandparent feeling .For the residents, it puts a smile on their faces and makes their day. It is lovely for them to make connections with the children as many of them have grandchildren who live far away and sometimes they might not see them for sometime. Our friends also like to come and visit us at Scallywags ,we love having morning tea with them and catching up.

Preschool Room (4-5 Years of Age, Transition to School Program)

The Preschool Program focuses on successful transition to school, through a comprehensive curriculum including Early Literacy, Creative Arts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities fostering inquiring minds, logical reasoning and collaborating skills.

School Readiness emphasises empowering children to make their own decisions within their day, creating an environment that encourages children to work collaboratively and build connections and friendships with not only their peers and Educators alike.

The Preschool room is staffed by two Educators with a 1:10 ratio of Educator to Children.

A Bush Kinder program currently runs for our Preschool children once a month. At Scallywags we believe in the importance of nature and outside play in a child’s learning and development. Numerous studies also support the need for children to spend time outside in nature.

Children are natural learnings. Bush kinder provides children with the ideal learning environment: time and space to play in natural settings, materials provided by nature and their own interests and enjoyment spurring  on their learning. 

Enrolment Information

Step 1: Enrolment Enquiry & Waitlist

The first step of enrolment is to contact Scallywags by phone call or email to enquire about vacancies. If a vacancy is unavailable at the time of enquiry,  families are invited to to complete an online waitlist application.  

Step 2: Apply for Child’s CRN & Child Care Subsidy

Scallywags Long Day Care is an approved Early Learning Centre that offers Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to families with the cost of care and complies with the Commonwealth Priority of Access Guidelines.

For Scallywags to receive your Child Care Subsidy payments families will need to provide the parent’s CRN of whom is claiming Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and the child’s CRN. If you don’t have a CRN you can visit Services Australia to apply for your child’s CRN.

Most families are eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) from the Federal Government. This helps families pay for child care. Families can apply for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) through completing an online activity test through their online mygov account for each child.

If you are eligible to this financial support for child care, the Federal Government will pay the subsidy direct to Scallywags. You (the family) must pay the remaining gap (Scallywags fees minus the subsidy). This is referred to as ‘out of pocket’ costs.

Find your Child Care Subsidy entitlements at Services Australia.

Step 3: Enrolment

Once you have secured placement at Scallywags Long Day Care via a confirmation from the Administration Officer, it is time to enrol.

Please complete the online enrolment form, the parent or carer who is claiming Child Care Subsidy (CCS) must be listed as Parent 1 and provide Parent 1’s CRN. The online enrolment process will require you to submit the following documents:

  • Copy of your child’s Original Birth Certificate
  • PDF copy of your child’s Immunisation Statement from the Australian Register (ACIR)
  • Health Management Plans e.g. ASCIA ACTION Plan for Anaphylaxis, Asthma an/ or Allergic Reaction

Step 4: Additional Documentation Required

Following the completion of your online enrolment form, you will be sent an email with the following fillable PDF forms. These are required prior to your child commencing care to confirm the enrolment process:

  • Risk Minimisation and Communication Plan
  • Additional Child Information

Step 5: Enrolment Fee

  • A non-refundable $87.50 enrolment fee is payable prior to commencing care.
  • Bond payment of $130 per child. The  bond paid to the service to secure the child’s enrolment. The payment will be held until the child ceases in care and will be transferred at this time being offset any outstanding or final fees owing.
  • Direct Debit payment information will be emailed upon enrolment. Alternatively, you can come into the Children’s Services Building to pay via EFTPOS.

Step 6: Orientation and Settling in

Families are invited for a one or more orientation visit prior to commencing care. During the orientation visits families will be provided with a tour, introduced to staff and given information regarding routines, collection requirements and the attendance register. Orientation visits are planned to cater for each families needs.

The Educators at Scallywags are happy to assist you settle your child and have a number of strategies in place to assist you. Please fee free to phone at anytime of the day to see how your child has settled in. 

Payment of Fees

Fees are charged a week in advance. Public Holidays, absent days and holidays are charged at the normal daily fee, for families if “allowable absences” are available. Fees are paid via internet banking or via EFTPOS at the Children’s Services building.

Child Care Subsidy

Once your child has been enrolled, Scallywags Long Day Care and Preschool will activate the link between Centrelink and

Allowable absences

Centrelink permits children to have 42 ‘allowable’ absences to cover sick, occasional days and holidays, these days Child Care Subsidy will still be paid unless you child has exceeded 42 absences for the financial year. Medical certificates or other documentation will be required if a child exceeds 42 absences. This evidence may be submitted to Centrelink by the Service on your families behalf.

What to Bring Each Day?

  • Water bottle
  • Spare clothes, which covers shoulders for sun safety
  • Changes of underwear especially if toileting
  • A wet bag
  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Jumper or coat in cooler months
  • Cuddly or sleep toy as comforter if needed
  • 4-5 disposable nappies (if required)
  • Bottles and formula (if required)

A friendly reminder to always label all of you child’s belongings to ensure they can be returned to your child. 

Centre Kitchen

Our Centre kitchen provides nutritious meals for children with a strong emphasis on whole and fresh foods. Our Centre Cook is passionate about teaching healthy eating habits to children, knowing the positive effects it has on a child’s physical and cognitive development.

The Centre will provide morning and afternoon tea along with a cooked lunch. Meals are based on Australian Dietary Guidelines. Please note our Service is Nut Free and well equipped to manage food allergies and special dietary needs. 

Parent Communication

Fostering strong partnerships with families, creating strong two-way communications and communicating often about your child’s progress always leads to better outcomes for children.

Starting care

Families will be invited to tour Scallywags and meet the Educators within the space your child will be commencing care within. Our team will get to know your family, routine and what you are looking for in care for your child and how we can support their development, parental and child-lead goals.

Communication App - Storypark

Our curriculum is supported by Storypark. A private online community for children, families and Educators to communicate and collaborate on the programs and learning of the children. Scallywags regularly post and share daily reflections, upcoming events and notices for the Service. We invite families to download the app to receive all notifications.

Infant Communication

As a parent you need daily information about your Child’s time in care. This includes feeding, sleeping and nappy change details, and an insight into your child’s day. This information is documented throughout the day an easily accessible at pick-up each afternoon. Educators will communicate this in-person and your child’s development and any changes in their routine.

Educator/ parent meetings

Parents are welcome to arrange meetings throughout the year to meet with us throughout the year to further discuss your child’s progress, learning and development.

Our Preschool Room have a scheduled half-yearly transition to school meeting to discuss your child’s development and readiness for school. Families are invited to provide a parent goal and children are encouraged to discuss their personal goals for the year.