Courtney Murphy

Courtney Murphy

Year Registered: 2015
2021 Regional Winner of Excellence in Family Day Care Award
Local Government Area: Kelso, Bathurst
Operational Days: Monday to Thursday

Courtney has completed a Certificate III in Children Services (Early Childhood Education and Care) has been working in Early Childhood Education for over 15 years.

Courtney's Philosoph: I believe that all children in my care should be given the opportunity to develop a secure sense of wellbeing, love for learning, confidence and empathy for others.

I believe in the importance of play in children's learning, as they learn by ''doing'', enabling the children to have a lived experience, creating unlimited opportunities for learning. Imaginative play and the use of natural materials nurture the true nature of the young child.

I believe that my home should be a warm and caring space allowing young children to grow naturally at their own pace, share in stories, crafts, gardening and baking whilst connecting with other children in creative play.