Tambaroora General Cemetery

This is a moderately sized cemetery principally representing the gold rush settlements of Tambaroora and Hill End from around 1855. The three lots of land that comprise the cemetery were originally dedicated as a site for a Church of England church, school and a parsonage. The land was re-dedicated almost 90 years later as a general cemetery.

Today the cemetery is a great attraction to visitors of the historic Hill End area. Its peaceful bushland setting makes it a very different place from the bustling heyday of the 1860's and 70's when it was located within a thriving, but short lived, mining boom town.


This cemetery commenced around 1855 and served the local communities of Tambaroora and Hill End for over 150 years. It is no longer in use. The cemetery is remotely located and difficult to access. Approximately 80 people are recorded as being interred here.



1 Steel Street, Hill End 2795  View Map

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