Freqently Asked Questions

Can I walk/ride around the Mount?

Mount Panorama is a public road, and as such can be treated like any other road in NSW. The public is more than welcome to ride or walk around the Mount, though we do ask that you exercise caution as there are no footpaths for most of the track. There is a boardwalk of 1.7km from Griffins Bent to the Bathurst Light Car Club near the exit of Forrest's Elbow which winds through a combinationof ground level and elevated section. Although Mount Panorama has a NSW-enforced speed limit of 60km/h, a collision with a vehicle travelling at that speed can seriously or fatally injure a human being. Wear high-visibility when travelling around the Mount to reduce this risk.


What is the address of the Mount Panorama Pit Complex?

Pit Complex, Pit Straight, Mount Panorama, Bathurst NSW 2795. Access for cars is either via Mountain Straight (when there are no track closures) or via the Tunnel off Ray Bant Drive at the entrance to the track. Access is also available to pedestrians (during race times) from across the Bridge above Pit Straight.


Can I bring my dog to the Mount?

During events, dogs are not permitted into the circuit, unless that dog is a guide dog or assistance companian. This applies to those camping at the Mount during race time also. Outside of large events, animals are welcomed companions to those using the circuit. It is a common occurrence to see walkers with dogs making the trek. We do insist that dog owners pick up after the pet for sanitation reasons.


Can I bring a structure into the Mount to make viewing easier?

No platforms or structures that can be used to create viewing platforms are to be taken into an Event at the Mount. Collapsible chairs are permitted, however no couches or lounge chairs are allowed within the perimeter. Nothing that will obstruct the views of other patrons is allowed in during events. Generally those running the event reserve the right to decide what is and is not acceptable. Due to Covid 19 there could be further restrictions, aways check with the event organiser for instructions.


What else does Mount Panorama have on it, other than V8's?

Mount Panorama attracts race car drivers from across the country, though it also hosts smaller events regularly through the local Bathurst Light Car Club. Due to the Mount Panorama Act (1993), the Mount may only hold five (5) full track events throughout the year. Information on other events at the Mount can be found on our Events Calendar.


Who can use the Pit Compex?

The Pit Complex is much more than it seems. Yes, it does play host to Australia's premier racing class of V8 Supercars, but it's also available to the general public who wish to hire for a function or event. The Corporate Suites above the Pit Complex can be individually hired out for weddings, parties, conferences, and an array of other events, including vehicle launches. If you wish to see hire charges or general information regarding the hire of the Pits, click here. If you wish to contact a member of the Mount Panorama Team please use this link.


Where can I buy tickets for events?

Tickets for each event may vary over the year. Use our events tab to be directed to information and ticket sales for the event. For most major events tickets can be purchased at the gate, unless otherwise stated or could be limited due to current Covid 19 Restrictions. It pays to check first!


What events are on at Mount Panorama?

Mount Panorama is well-known for the Bathurst 1000, but a number of other large events take place annually on the Mount. 

These include the following events;

  • Bathurst Autofest
  • Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour
  • Repco Bathurst 1000
  • Challenge Bathurst
  • Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour
  • Supercheap Auto Bathurst International

The Mount also hosts a number of other special events and competitions both on-track and off-track in the surrounding parklands or facilities also located within the precinct.  These include Bathurst Light Car Club sprints and hillclimbs, Panorama Motor Cycle Club, Bathurst Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Bathurst Clay Target Club, Bathurst Rifle Club, Bathurst Cycling Club, the Panorama Punish and and so much more.  To find out more about these events visit their respective websites for further information.


When can I visit Mount Panorama?

Mount Panorama is open all year round, only closing for events. Full track closures will happen when major events are scheduled. Other events such as Supersprints and Hillclimbs do take place throughout the calendar, and they do cause partial track closures. The Bathurst Light Car Club holds a number of events throughout the year. You can checkherefor their website and upcoming events.To make sure you don't visit when the track is closed,click here.


Can I race on the track?

Being a public road, Mount Panorama adheres to NSW road rules and regulations. That being said, the speed limit around Mount Panorama is 60km/h. Although it is tempting to be a race driver for a day, many people have been caught speeding on the track, and it is popular with walkers, joggers and cyclists, so please don't speed. If you wish to race on the track, the Bathurst Light Car Club holds regular events at Mount Panorama. You might also like to check out ourevents calendarto see what big events are coming up, you might be able to race with them!


Can I drive on the Mount?

You can. Mount Panorama was first and foremost a Scenic Drive. Although it is considered Australia's most famous racing track, it is actually a public road, which a number of lucky residents live on. However, being such an iconic landmark in this country, it is no surprise that car enthusiasts book out the track. To make sure you don't visit when the track is closed, check out road closures.

You can also contact Challenge Bathurst

Challenge Bathurst is an exclusive opportunity to drive your own street car or track racing car on the famous Mount Panorama Racing Circuit.

With the most exhilarating 6.2km of bitumen on the planet open for your speeding enjoyment, you won't want to miss your chance to see what motor sport legends rave about.


How do I get to Mount Panorama?

Mount Panorama is located in south Bathurst. The easiest way to get there is to follow the main street of Bathurst, William Street, to the very end (south). Coming from Sydney (east), the Great Western Highway intersects with William Street, from which you turn left. After about 1.5kms, the name changes to Panorama Avenue, which shows you're on the right track. Another 1.5kms from there and you enter Mount Panorama at Murray's Corner. Use our getting there guide.