Stray Animals

The Companion Animals Act 1998 requires that your dog must be adequately contained on your property.

If your dog is in a public place and not in a designated off leash area, it must be under the effective control of some competent person by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash that is attached to the dog and that is being held (or secured to) the person.

Any person (including Councils Rangers) can seize a dog that is in a public place and is not under the effective control of a competent person. Should the owner of the dog be present only a Ranger may seize the animal should the owner not comply with the above requirements.

Any dog, which is seized by a member of the public, is required to return the animal to its owner (if the owner is known) or contact Council to make arrangements for it to be transported to BARC. 

I've Found a Lost Dog or Cat?

In accordance with the NSW Companion Animals Act, 1998, if you find a lost animal you are required to deliver it to a Council shelter, pound or vet within 72 hours. The owner may be looking for the animal and therefore Council needs to check the microchip and contact the owner. Local vets can check the microchip and contact the owner or, if not microchipped, they will contact Council for collection. 

Council may collect cats by request, if they are appropriately contained.

Seized Dogs and Cats

Council will house straying animals for 14 days when an animal is microchipped (identified). Council staff will contact the owner in writing and via telephone. Keeping your contact details up to date by visiting is the best way to ensure that you will be quickly reunited with your pet.

If an animal is not microchipped (identified) Council will house the straying animal for 7 days. In NSW dogs and cats must be microchipped by 12 weeks or age, or before being sold or given away. If your dog or cat has been impounded you will need to provide evidence of ownership of the animal before it can be released to you.

Owners releasing a seized animal will be required to pay a release fee and daily maintenance fees for the feeding and care of the animal. All dogs and cats must be microchipped and lifetime registered prior to being released from Council’s care.

If a dog or cat is not released by it’s owner it will be assessed by staff for rehoming. Some animals may require training or rehabilitation before they are ready for adoption.

After Hours

Council's after hours service is only available for emergency situations involving a dangerous or restricted breed dog roaming, straying animals or where a dog attack has occurred. Should you require assistance please contact (02) 6334 2795 or the local Police who will contact Council's After Hours Service if they require assistance.

I've Lost My Dog or Cat

If you have lost your dog or cat, please contact BARC on 6333 6211 to see if your animal is in Council’s care. Check Council’s Facebook page and search recent posts regarding lost pets.


Should you find livestock roaming free or in a dangerous place please contact Council on (02) 6333 6211 during business hours. If outside of business hours please contact Council’s After Hours Service on (02) 6334 2795 or the local Police.