International Relations

Bathurst Cirencester Friendship

Bathurst was named in 1815 for the 3rd Earl of Bathurst whose ancestral home is at Cirencester, the largest city of the Cotswolds district of Gloucestershire in the UK. In 2016 Bathurst NSW and Cirencester began to establish a closer relationship based upon their historical ties and economic similarities between the regions. In 2019 a formal friendship arrangement was formalised between the two cities.

Sister City

In December 1989 a delegation from the town of Ohkuma in Fukushima Prefecture arrived in Australia looking for a suitable regional city with which to form a partnership. Bathurst was selected and a group arrived the following year under the newly named “Ohkuma Wings Towards the 21st Century” project. On 25 March 1991  the Sister City Agreement  was signed by Mayors Ann Ashwood and Shuro Shiga, formalising the relationship between the two cities.