Bathurst Wastewater Treatment Plant

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) leads the state’s response to regulating a diverse range of activities that can have an impact on the health of the NSW environment and its people.

The EPA has issued Council with an Environment Protection Licence Number 1647.  A copy of the licence can be obtained here.

The premises that are licensed are as follows:

Bathurst Sewage Treatment System
Morrissett Street

For Enquiries or Complaints:  Contact (02) 6333 6290  or after hours (02) 6334 2795.

A site map showing the location of sampling / monitoring points is available here...(PDF, 7MB)

Monitoring Data

Monitoring Data is required under this Licence and Council has completed the necessary sampling and testing.  The results of this monitoring are provided below:


January 2024
Monthly Results
202401monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20240131weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240122weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240117weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240110weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240103weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20240130flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240123flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240116flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

20240109flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240102flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

February 2024
Monthly Results
202402monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20240228weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240221weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240212weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240207weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20240227flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20210220flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240213flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240206flow1647(PDF, 49KB)


March 2024

Monthly Results
202403monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20240306weekly1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240313weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240320weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240325weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20240305flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240312flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240319flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240326flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

April 2024

Monthly Results
202404monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20240423weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240415weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240410weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240403weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20240430flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240423flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240416flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240409flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240402flow1647(PDF, 49KB)


May 2024

Monthly Results
202405monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20240529weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240522weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240515weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240508weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20240501weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20240528flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240521flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240514flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20240507flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

June 2024

Monthly Results

Weekly Results

Daily Flow Results


July 2024

Monthly Results

Weekly Results

Daily Flow Results


August 2024

Monthly Results

Weekly Results

Daily Flow Results

September 2024

Monthly Results

Weekly Results

Daily Flow Results

October 2024

Monthly Results

 Weekly Results

Daily Flow Results

November 2024

Monthly Results

 Weekly Results

Daily Flow Results


December 2024

Monthly Results

Weekly Results

Daily Flow Results


January 2023
Monthly Results
202301monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20230123weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230118weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230111weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230104weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20230131flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230124flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230117flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230110flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230103flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

February 2023
Monthly Results
202302monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20230222weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230215weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230208weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230201weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20230228flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230221flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230214flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230207flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

March 2023

Monthly Results
202303monthly1647(PDF, 105KB)

Weekly Results
20230329weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230322weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230315weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230308weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230301weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20230328flow1647(PDF, 141KB)
20230321flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230314flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230307flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

April 2023

Monthly Results
202304monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20230426weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230419weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230412weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230404weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20230425flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230418flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230411flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230404flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

May 2023

Monthly Results
202305monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20230531weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230524weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230517weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230510weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230503weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20230530flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230523flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230516flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230509flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230502flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

June 2023

Monthly Results
202306monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20230628weekly1647(PDF, 93KB)
20230621weekly1647(PDF, 94KB)
20230614weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230607weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20230627flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230620flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230613flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230606flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

July 2023

Monthly Results
202307monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20230726weekly1647(PDF, 93KB)
20230719weekly1647(PDF, 94KB)
20230712weekly1647(PDF, 93KB)
20230705weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20230725flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230718flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230711flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230704flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

August 2023

Monthly Results
202308monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20230830weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230823weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230816weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230809weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230802weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20230829flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230822flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230815flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230808flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230801flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

September 2023

Monthly Results
202309monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20230906Weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)  
20230913weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230920weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20230927weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20230905flow1647(PDF, 49KB)  
20230912flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230919flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20230926flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

October 2023

Monthly Results
202310monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20231025weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20231018weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20231011weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20231004weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20231031flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20231024flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20231017flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20231010flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20231003flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

November 2023

Monthly Results
202311monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20231129weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20231122weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

20231115weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20231108weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20231101weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20231128flow1647(PDF, 50KB)
20231121flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20231114flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

20231107flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

December 2023

Monthly Results
202312monthly1647(PDF, 52KB)

Weekly Results
20231218weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20231213weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20231211weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)
20231206weekly1647(PDF, 51KB)

Daily Flow Results
20231226flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20231219flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20231212flow1647(PDF, 49KB)
20231205flow1647(PDF, 49KB)

Pollution Incident Response

A Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) has been developed and implemented for the Bathurst Waste Water Treatment Works. A summary document(PDF, 236KB)  has been prepared, and this provides an overview of the plan, and includes procedures for contacting the relevant authorities and for communicating with the community.