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Bathurst Regional Council's Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000098

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  • Fantail


    Age: 12 months Sex: Female Description: Fantail has been at the pound for some time now and is still looking for her second chance in her forever home. From the moment you meet her she will call out to you for pats and cuddles as she is a real smoocher.
  • Aussie


    Age: 2 years Sex: Male Description: Aussie is still at the pound and he was much more confident for the camera this week. Aussie is a male cattle dog cross around two years old. He is a shy boy but is happy to shake your hand when you meet him.
  • Tyson


    Age: 2 years Sex: Male Description: Tyson is a male around 2 years old. He is a clever boy with a gentle soul that loves a good scratch behind his ears.
  • Stella


    Age: 12 weeks Sex: Female Stella is a stunning female puppy that is 12 weeks old. Stella is full of affection and loves to give kisses.
  • Pepper


    Age: 6 months Sex: Male Description: Pepper is a boy around 6 months old. He has taken a while to come out of his shell and shown he has a sweet soul. He has a quiet nature and with a little love and patience his confidence will blossom. *Note Pepper has four legs, he just decided to hide one for the photo.
  • Coco


    Age: 9 months Sex: Female Description: Coco is a female wolfhound cross around 9 months old. She is a good girl and with a little attention and training will be a loyal and loving companion.
  • Cindy


    Age: Mature Sex: Female Description: Cindy is a mature female tabby. She knows how to strike a pose that makes her look like a princess. Cindy makes friends easily with her beautiful and loving nature.
  • Snowflake


    Age: Mature Sex: Male Description: Snowflake is a mature but sweet little boy looking for his forever home where he can be loved and spoilt.
  • Midnight


    Age: 12 months Sex: Male Description: Midnight is a fun loving cat. He is a little gentleman that loves a tickle.
  • Hyde


    Age: 2 years Sex: Male Description: Hyde has had a rough start to life. He came to the pound as a scared kitty with a large abscess on his back. He was seen by the vet and is now healing well. Hyde has received lots of attention and care and is now ready to find his new owner. Hyde is a ladies man and would be best suited to a female owner.
  • Tiddles


    Age: 12 months Sex: Female Description: Tiddles is a tabby cat. She has a gentle nature and enjoys a good pat.
  • Spud


    Age: 14 months Sex: Male Description: Spud has a loving personality but will need some training and a family that is active.
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Bathurst Regional Council's Animal Holding Facility is located at 58 Vale Road (Cnr Lloyds and Vale Roads) South Bathurst.  Entrance to the facility is from Lloyds Road. 

Operating Hours (During COVID-19)

The Pound is open by appointment only until further notice.

Customers can make an appointment by ringing the Pound on 6333 6190. Appointments can be made at the following times:

- 12:30pm

- 1:00pm

- 1:30pm

- 2:00pm

Customers must provide a name, contact number and purpose of visit eg. release an impounded animal, view an animal available for adoption.

Customers will be able to enter once the previous customer has left the Pound. Please ensure that you have your telephone with you and the team member will call you when you can enter. Please stay in your car until contacted by the team member.

All services from the Pound and Rangers will continue to operate, including attendance at customer requests. Payments for purchase or release of animals can be made over the telephone or electronically.

Council encourages all members of the community to consider pet adoption at this time. Don’t forget that you can view all available animals online, and speak to a team member on the telephone to discuss which pet might be right for you.


Many of our unclaimed animals are made available for adoption. All animals undergo basic behaviour assessment and vet checked and are vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and registered. Animals available can be viewed at the top of this page, or via Bathurst regional Council's Facebook page.

Once you have decided to adopt, paid the relevant fees and completed the necessary paperwork, the animal can be booked in for desexing (if you choose to desex the animal) and you will be advised when you can collect the animal. If the animal is already desexed, you can take your new pet home straight away. Our adoption fees includes the cost of microchipping and the associated vet costs and therefore are subject to change depending on the vet's costs.

Adoption Fees

If you would like to adopt a pet the following fees apply:

Dog (includes vaccination, worming and microchipping): $107.50

Cat ([previously desexed] includes vaccination, worming and microchipping): $107.50

Cat (includes desexing, vaccination, worming and microchipping): $170.00

If a customer would like to adopt a dog which is not already desexed, Council can assist in making arrangements with vets to have the new pet desexed prior to release. This will allow the customer to take advantage of the $0 registration fee. All dogs and cats must be registered before release.

Adoption fees are detailed in Council’s revenue policy, and are reviewed annually.

For information on current registration fees, please see here

From 1 July 2020, annual permit fees also apply for owners of cats not desexed by age of four months, and for owners of restricted breeds or declared dangerous dogs. For further information, please see here


My animal is lost/runaway, who do I contact?

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