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Merit Selection

Council operates a merit-based recruitment system. This means that recruitment decisions are based on the qualifications, skills and relevant experience of each applicant and not on factors that are irrelevant to the requirements of the position.


Applicants are selected for interview based on the strength of their responses to the questions in the online application and the relevance of their experience, qualification and skills as outlined in the resume.

If you are shortlisted for an interview, you will be contacted by email or phone and advised of the interview date, time and venue.

If you are not selected for interview, you will be advised by email as soon as possible after the shortlisting process has been completed.

Attending the Interview

You will need to bring with you:

    • Any relevant qualifications
    • Proof of your Right to Work in Australia

Preparing for the Interview

It is recommended that you prepare for the interview by re-reading the advertisement, the position description and any other material provided. The selection panel will ask you questions based on the advertised requirements of the role and the position description.

It is a good idea to think of possible questions in advance and prepare answers to them. Ensure that you give clear and concise responses to the questions and provide relevant work examples whenever possible.

At the interview

The selection panel will make the interview as relaxed and stress free as possible. If you don’t understand a question or are not sure how much information to give, ask the Panel Convenor to clarify their requirements and take your time.

The interview is not a test – it is your chance to show the Selection Panel your skills, knowledge, experience and further clarify the information in your written application.

During the interview you will be given the opportunity to ask questions about the position and the Council and this is your chance to show your interest in the position and your understanding of it.


You should bring the names and contact telephone numbers of two work-related referees with you if you did not include these in your application. At least one of the referees should be a current of recent manager or supervisor.

After the Interview

After all eligible applicants have been interviewed, the Selection Panel will select the best person for the job based on the application, interview, referee reports and any other tests or assessments. In some circumstances you may be called back for a second interview if the Selection Panel is in need of further clarification.

Shortlisted applicants may be required to undertake pre-employment background checks before being offered the position. Depending on the position, a Working with Children Check, a Criminal Records Check or psychological testing maybe required. The applicant will be informed of the type of pre-employment check required for their position at the interview.

Pre-Employment Checks

Shortlisted applicants may be required to undertake a pre-employment background checks before being offered the position. Depending on the position, a Working with Children Check, a Criminal Records Check or psychological testing may also be required. The applicant will be informed of the type of pre-employment check required for their position at the interview.

Shortlisted applicants will also be requested to attend a medical and audio assessment, which will include a drug and alcohol screening. This will be at Council’s expense.

Overseas Applicants

Council will only consider applications from applicants who have the right to work in Australia. If you are unsure whether you have the right to work in Australia, please contact the Department of immigration (www.border.gov.au).

Your Application

Access your eligibility and suitability for the position

Before you apply for the position, you should assess your eligibility and suitability by carefully reading the advertisement and position description.

Apply online

To apply for a position, you need to complete the online application form. You will need to create an account or sign in to submit your application.

Applications can be saved and returned to at a later stage, you do not have to complete your application in one sitting.

Applications will close on the nominated closing date at midnight.

Applications cannot be lodged using a tablet or phone as all applications require a resume to be attached.

You will receive an email confirming your application has been received shortly after submitting your application.

Completing the online questions

The online application will ask you questions about how your qualifications and experience relate to the requirements of the position. Your response to these questions will determine which applicants progress to the interview stage.

If you require clarification on anything related to the position please contact the person nominated in the advertisement.

Attach your resume and other information

You will be requested to attach your resume after completing the online application questions, you can also attach other relevant documents at this point.

There is no need to address each of the selection criteria, the questions asked in the application form all relate to the selection criteria.

Your resume should include your employment history, experience and qualifications.

As part of your resume, we require the name and contact details of two (2) referees. The referees should be people who have supervised you or have a working knowledge of your previous roles. At least one referee should be a current or existing direct manager of supervisor.

We will not contact your referees until we have your permission.