Development Control Plans

A Development Control Plan (DCP) contains detailed planning and design guidelines for new development, which need to be considered in preparing a Development Application. It comprises a written document together with supporting maps and diagrams.

A DCP supplements the statutory planning and development controls of Local Environmental Plans (LEP). It applies to different types of development such as dwelling houses, residential flat buildings, commercial buildings, and also different locations such as business centres. A DCP may also address specific issues such as heritage, sustainability or land management standards.

DCPs are made by Council in consultation with the community. A DCP will support and supplement (but cannot override or replace) the provisions in an LEP. While DCPs do not have the same level of statutory weight as an LEP, they are an important consideration in the development assessment and approval process.

One DCP applies to the Bathurst region.

Bathurst Regional Development Control Plan 2014

The Bathurst Regional Development Control Plan (DCP) 2014 applies to all land within the Bathurst region. The Plan came into effect on 19 November 2014 by resolution of Council dated 16 December 2013.

The complete DCP can be downloaded above, alternatively individual chapters can be downloaded below:

Chapter 1    Preliminary 
Chapter 2   Exhibition and notification of development applications
Chapter 3   Subdivision of land 
Chapter 4   Residential development
Chapter 5   Business and industrial development
Chapter 6   Rural and rural lifestyle development
Chapter 7   Rural Village development
Chapter 8   Mount Panorama environs
Chapter 9   Environmental considerations
Chapter 10   Urban design and heritage conservation
Chapter 11   Outdoor lighting
Chapter 12   Signage and colour schemes
Chapter 13   Landscaping and greening
Chapter 14   Parking
Chapter 15   Crime prevention
Chapter 16   Earthworks


The DCP is supported by a number of schedules and maps. Links to these are provided below.

Map No. 1   Raglan
Map No. 2   Perthville
Map No. 3   Eglinton
Map No. 4   Kelso
Map No. 5   Windradyne, Llanarth and Abercrombie
Map No. 6   Neighbourhood shopping centres
Map No. 7   Section 10
Map No. 8   Gateway Enterprise Park
Map No. 9   Service Trade Centre
Map No. 10   Stockland Drive
Map No. 11   Sydney Road precinct (North)
Map No. 12   Hampden Park Road (East)
Map No. 13   Esrom Street
Map No. 14   White Rock
Map No. 15   Robin Hill
Map No. 16   Trunkey Creek
Map No. 17   The Lagoon
Map No. 18   Wattle Flat
Map No. 19   Mount Rankin
Map No. 20   Mount Haven Estate
Map No. 21   Hill End
Map No. 22   Hill End archaeology
Map No. 23   Sofala
Map No. 24   Rockley
Map No. 25   Georges Plains
Map No. 26   Peel
Map No. 27   Yetholme
Map No. 28   Mount Panorama
Map No. 29   Land resources
Map No. 30   Riparian land and waterways
Map No. 31   Biodiversity
Map No. 32A   Havannah Street area
Map No. 32B   Morrisset Street area
Map No. 32C   Kelso Industrial area
Map No. 32D   Stockland Drive area
Map No. 32E   Upfold Street area
Map No. 32F   Gilmour Street area
Map No. 32G   Carlingford Street area
Map No. 33   Chifley Memorial Housing Estate - West Bathurst
Map No. 34   Central Business District (CBD)
Map No. 35   Archaeological sensitive lands
Map No. 37   Wattle Flat Mining Areas Archaeological sensitive lands
Map No. 38   Urban Woodland
Map No. 39   Flood Planning Map (Sheets 1-9)


Schedule 1

Schedule 2

Schedule 3

Schedule 4

Schedule 5

Schedule 6


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