Accessible Toilets Completed at NMRM

The National Motor Racing Museum has welcomed the completion of major works to the facilities’ restroom, including the accessible toilet.

NMRM Toilets



Kelso Community Hub Outdoor Space

The Kelso Community Hub outdoor space, officially opened July 2019, has been designed to provide accessible play for local children.

Accessible features of the space include;

  • An inclusive spinner, allowing wheelchair access plus a seat;
  • An inclusive boat swing – lay back swing which can be enjoyed by children unable to sit unsupported;
  • A concrete slide which does not affect cochlear implants. The static electricity produced by plastic slides can damage the electrical components of an implant and erase programs;
  • A network of paths around the facility and outdoor area create a great area for bikes and scooters, but also allow the space to be fully accessible by wheelchairs and mobility aids.
 Kelso Hub


 Kelso Hub


 Kelso Hub