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Thank you for choosing Bathurst Family Day Care.  Family Day Care is a nurturing home-based education and care setting.  Children develop strong connections with their educators and other children in care.

A unique advantage of FDC is the opportunity to select an Educator and environment that suits your families needs and aspirations for your child's learning and development. 

To enable a smooth transition, parents and children are encouraged to visit the selected Educators prior to commencing in care. This provides opportunity to become familiar and comfortable in the Educators home environment. 

How to Enrol your Child
Step 1. Booking Confirmation

The first step of enrolment is to ensure that a suitable vacancy exists with one of our registered educators. You can phone or email the FDC Coordination Team to enquire about vacancies. If a vacancy is unavailable at the time of enquiry, we will place your name on our waiting list.

Step 2. Enrol

Once you have selected an educator, it is time to enrol. Please complete the online enrolment form.  The online enrolment process will require you to submit the following documents.

  • Certified copy of child’s Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation Statement from the Australian Register (ACIR)
  • Health Management Plans e.g. ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis and/or Allergic Reaction
Step 3. Additional Documentation Required

Following the completion of your online enrolment form, you will be required to complete the forms below. These are required prior to your child commencing care to confirm the enrolment process.

Step 4. Enrolment Fee

A non- refundable $42.00 enrolment fee is payable prior to commencing in care.  Direct Debit payment information will be emailed upon enrolment.


Educators set their own hourly fees based on their qualifications, experience, environments, and other services provided.  Fees and charges can be discussed directly with your chosen educator.

Families who get Child Care Subsidy must make a co-contribution to their education and care fees.  This is known as the Gap Fee.  Under the Family Assistance Law, families are required to pay the gap fees using an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) method. This electronic transaction will occur between the families and family day care educator, not the family day care scheme. 

Contact the federal governments Family Assistance Office to find out whether you are eligible for Government Child Care Subsidy.

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