Thinking of installing solar

Want to know how many homes in Bathurst have installed solar?

Visit Australian PV institute solar dashboard for Bathurst.

Want to know if solar and batteries are right for you?

Estimate what you could save by installing solar and batteries with SunSPOT.

SunSPOT is a clever, not-for-profit solar and battery calculator for households and small businesses. 

SunSPOT provides users with free and independent estimates including:

  • a suggested solar rooftop system size with a 5 year payback
  • the ability to map panels on the roof and find out how many panels can fit
  • a cost range
  • annual savings and payback period
  • emissions avoided
  • the cost and savings from adding a battery.

You'll get more accurate results if you have an electricity bill on hand while getting the estimate.

SunSPOT has been built by photovoltaic engineers at UNSW and the Australian PV institute with support from the Australian, NSW and ACT governments. Bathurst Regional Council is able to provide users in the area with the Premium version of SunSPOT thanks to the support of the NSW Government under its Sustainable Councils initiative.