Winter Street Tree Planting Program

Published on 17 January 2024

Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE 17 January 2024

Winter Street Tree Planting Program

Approximately 300 street trees will be planted throughout Bathurst as part of this year’s winter street tree planting program.

Mayor Jess Jennings said there are many benefits that trees provide within the urban environment and this year Council will be concentrating the tree planting within Raglan.

“Council has identified approximately 250 street tree planting opportunities within Raglan and has been able to provide the necessary budget to undertake the works this coming winter,” he said.

Council is finalising the numbers and planting locations to arrange the procurement of advanced tree stock so that they will be available for planting later in the year.

The tree species and their planting locations will be carefully selected, taking into consideration the mature growing size, shade and sunlight requirements, service locations, road safety matters and the surrounding infrastructure within each street.

Tree varieties likely to be planted will include Oaks, Ash, Maples, Ornamental Pears and Melaleucas.  As part of the planning for the street tree program, Council will need to ensure that essential height clearance zones are maintained in sections of Raglan due to the flight path of the Bathurst Airport.



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