Footpath Approvals

A Frame Signs and Merchandise Display Permits

Council exercises its discretion to allow a sign permit identifying details of a business operation and how it can benefit the business and the community.  Small merchandise displays may also be permitted by Council

Council's Advertising Signs in Public Areas Policy(PDF, 100KB)  explains the requirements that an applicant must adhere to in order to ensure the safety and amenity of the public.

A Footpath Advertising Sign/Merchandise Display Permit(PDF, 212KB)  application should be completed and submitted to Council with the appropriate fee before displaying items on Council controlled areas.


Footpath Dining

Footpath dining in the right circumstances adds to the convenience and economic benefit of the community.

Complying with Council's Footpath Restaurants Policy(PDF, 20KB)  allows food business operators the use of Council controlled areas to expand their business and at the same time, ensure that public health, access and safety are not compromised.

A Footpath Seating/Dining Permit Application(PDF, 182KB)  needs to be completed and submitted to Council with the payment of the appropriate fee before you can use Council controlled areas for footpath dining.