Youth Council Events

The Bathurst Regional Youth Council hosts a number of events annually, these include celebrations for National Youth Week, as well as events such as dance parties, live music events and other youth focused events.

The Youth Council aims to provide alternative forms of entertainment for young people in the Bathurst Region, that provide a safe space for young people to come together and socialise with their peers.

The Bathurst Regional Youth Council recognise the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and ongoing Mental Health impacts on the local community and will be acknowledging R U OK? Day through a community awareness initiative.

RUOKBannerR U OK? Day 2022 - Thursday 8 September 2022

R U OK? Day is a National day of action dedicated to reminding the community to ask “Are you ok?” and support those who are struggling with mental health.  R U OK? Day is signified by the colour yellow and will be celebrated nationally on Thursday 8 September 2022.

Details of the Bathurst Regional Youth Council R U OK? Day 2022  initiative is as follows:

Tree trunks will be wrapped in yellow material, with R U OK? Day corporate logos included, the installation will occur from Thursday 8 September until Monday 19 September 2022 in Machattie Park and Kings Parade.

The Bathurst community is encouraged to view the trees from their cars or when walking through the parks; reflecting and recognising those who may be struggling with mental health and how a simple question as to how someone is going can assist greatly.

The Youth Council hopes that important conversations will occur throughout the community.