Supply of Drinking Water for Water Cartage - Hereford Street

Drinking Water

Supply of Drinking Water for People Reliant on Water Tanks

Council has 3 dedicated water filling stations for the dispensing of drinking water. The water stations are located in Hereford Street between the Macquarie River and Gilmour Street where all water tanks are to be filled. 

People wishing to access water will need to visit Council's cashiers during business hours to obtain a water card and prepay for water that will be credited to the water card.  Further details are available here.

For Primary Producers:  Council resolved at its meeting of 5 September 2018 to provide a limited free bulk water supply for drought affect rural customers. For more information on the Free water for verified primary producers click here.

Council resolved at its meeting of 6 June 2018 to temporarily reduce the price in accordance with its Management Plan. This will now cost $2.50 per kL or $12.50 per 5,000 litres from 7 June 2018 until further notice. The rate will be reviewed as conditions vary.

Customers will need to purchase a female 50mm camlock fitting and appropriate hose / fittings to suit their individual containers/tankers.

Water Carters

Council ensures that the water available in Hereford Street complies with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and is safe to drink.  Water carters have a critical role to play in ensuring good water quality continues from Hereford Street to the customer.

The NSW Public Health Regulation 2012 has requirements in regards to the records that water carters must keep. 

The requirements are:

A water carter must make, and keep for at least 6 months, a record of the following:

a)  the name of each supplier of drinking water from whom the water carter receives water and the place, date and time at which the water is supplied to the water carter by that supplier,

b)  the name and address of each person to whom the water carter supplies water, the place, date and time at which the water is supplied to that person and the volume of water supplied to that person,

(c)  details of any substances other than drinking water transported in any water tank used by the water carter,

(d)  the dates on which any water tank used by the water carter is cleaned.

From 1 September 2014 Drinking Water Carters must develop and adhere to a Quality Assurance Program.  A copy of the completed document must be provided to the local NSW Health, Public Health Unit.  Further details are available in the following Guideline.

Further information from NSW Health for Water Carters is available here.


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