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We have created a series of fun educational videos of the Wade family to help explain the key messages of our learning program including where water comes from, how we use it and how to look after it.

AND don't miss our super water savers, Tapstar and Dripette as they save the day for Clogged Loo and show us how to wash hands.

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Water Education Program Videos

Click on the links below to access the videos.

Introductory Webinar recording

Educators can follow detailed information on how to use the Water Education program

Module 1: The Water Cycle

Wade Family video: Meet Eddy, Brooke and their grandpa, Douglas, and learn where water comes from and goes to.

Module 2: How Do We Use Water?

Wade Family video: Eddy and Brooke follow their mum, Delta to see how water is used inside and outside the house. 

Module 3: Water in Bathurst

Wade Family video: Eddy and Brooke listen to their dad, Murray, to learn about Bathurst's water supply and Chifley Dam.

Module 4: Being Conservative With Water

Wade Family video: Eddy and Brooke learn about water smart plants and how to save water from their grandma, Coral.

Module 5: Keeping Our Waterways Clean & Healthy

Wade Family video: Eddy and Brooke learn about water filtration and litter from their mum, Delta.

Video tutorial: 'Creating a water smart garden' by horticulturist Dhyan Blore 

Super Savers Videos

Tapstar & Dripette: Clogged Loo

Thank goodness our heroes are here to save the day when Loo gets clogged!

Tapstar & Dripette: Wash Your Hands

Super water savers to the rescue!  Our heroes show us how to save water when we wash our hands.


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