Vegetation Management Plan

The draft Vegetation Management Plan for the Bathurst region is on public exhibition until the 23 October 2018.

The original Vegetation Management Plan has served as a landmark and comprehensive document guiding how vegetation is managed throughout the different parts of the city. The plan has now been updated to encompass the changes since the original plan was adopted, the consultation that has occurred to date, and the field assessment findings. As such the aims of the updated Vegetation Management Plan are to:

  • Cover the entire Bathurst Regional LGA to reflect changes since the adoption of the original plan;
  • Provide a document that will underpin and provide a basis for long-term strategies for vegetation management issues of all land in the Bathurst Regional LGA and particularly Council lands; and
  • Reflect the recreational, environmental and heritage needs of the community, whilst being consistent with Council’s strategic and statutory framework.

Submissions can be made via any of the following approaches:

  • Online: using the form at
  • Email:
  • Post: Private Mail Bag 17, Bathurst NSW 2795

An electronic version of the draft Vegetation Management Plan can be found on Council’s Your Say website and hardcopies will be available at the Council Civic Centre and Library.

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