Sustainable Building - Sustainable Lifestyle House

Sustainable building design aims to satisfy a Triple Bottom Line – Environmental, Social and Financial objectives. A sustainable building has a reduced environmental footprint while being liveable and affordable to build and run.

What is sustainable building design?

This concept uses a range of ideas and resources to reduce the impact on the environment, such as:sustainable house

The following fact sheets highlight the sustainable building features of the Sustainable Lifestyle House and provide useful information on suppliers and relevant sources of information:

National Sustainable House Day: 11 September

Green homes across Australia are open to the general public to provide practical information on how to successfully integrate renewable energy, recycling and sustainable materials and practices into the home and lifestyle.

About the Sustainable Lifestyle House

Council funded the Sustainable Lifestyle House as an example of a sustainable and affordable family home a means to educate both the community and the local building industry, and provide inspiration for members of the community who wish to build or renovate a home in the future.

Council sought expressions of interest for the design of the Bathurst Sustainable Lifestyle House in 2009. Construction commenced in September 2010 and all building and landscaping works were completed in August 2011. The House was officially opened by Cr Greg Westman on 11 September 2011 and was open for tours until May 2015.

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