Smoke Testing

From Monday 13 February 2023, Bathurst Regional Council will be undertaking smoke testing on the sewer network in the CBD and Eglinton.

As part of the work smoke may be visble within the sewer maintenance chambers (manholes) near your property or in public spaces.

Council has engaged Fitt Resources to undertake this work and smoke testing is  a common test method. During the test a dense white smoke will be blown into the sewer system and the smoke will escape again through openings such as manhole covers and vent pipes, smoke will also escape through cracks and breaks in the pipework. If you detect smoke please do not be alarmed, the smoke is odourless, non-toxic and will dissipate quickly.  the smoke will not harm pets or plants. Local fire personnel will be working with field staff and will be able to identify any smoke that may result from an unrelated issue. 

A project fact sheet is located here.

Maps of the affected areas can be located here.

For more information please contact Council's Water and Waste Section on (02) 6333 6100.