The primary runway, Runway 17/35, is 1,705 metres long and 30 metre wide and is located within a 150m wide runway strip. Runway 17/35 is sealed with a bitumen sealed surface. The runway is rated at a Pavement Classification Number (PCN) of 12 / F / C / 580 (84psi)/T. However, pavement concessions may be issued for larger aircraft.

Runway 17/35 is equipped with pilot activated low intensity runway edge lights and an Automated Frequency Response Unit. The lights are currently installed at 59 metre spacing.

PAPI is also installed on the right-hand side of Runway 35 at a 3° approach path, with a threshold crossing height of 41.5 feet. PAPI is also located on the left-hand side of Runway 17. Both are pilot activated with the lighting system and utilises the same AFRU. Standby power is available for all lighting, with a 1-minute switchover time.