Runways, Taxiways and Aprons

Runway 17/35

The primary runway, Runway 17/35, is 1,705 metres long and 30 metre wide and is located within a 150m wide runway strip. Runway 17/35 is sealed with a bitumen sealed surface. The runway is rated at a Pavement Classification Number (PCN) of 12 / F / C / 580 (84psi)/T. However, pavement concessions may be issued for larger aircraft.

Runway 17/35 is equipped with pilot activated low intensity runway edge lights and an Automated Frequency Response Unit. The lights are currently installed at 59 metre spacing.

PAPI is also installed on the right-hand side of Runway 35 at a 3° approach path, with a threshold crossing height of 41.5 feet. PAPI is also located on the left-hand side of Runway 17. Both are pilot activated with the lighting system and utilises the same AFRU. Standby power is available for all lighting, with a 1-minute switchover time.


Runway 08/26

The cross runway, Runway 08/26, is 1,315 metres long and 30 metres wide with a 90-metre-wide strip. The runway is constructed of gravel and is suitable for small aircraft, below 5,700kg maximum take-off weight. The runway is not lit.

The runway has an unrated gravel surface for the central 18 metres and grass on the remainder. At the western end, there is an area of sealed surface approximately 15m long, marking the end of the runway and on which the runway designation is marked. At the eastern end, a sealed surface extends for 60m on the runway and a further 60m beyond the runway end. The runway end and designation markings are on the sealed surface.


Grass Gliding Runway

A grass runway used for gliding operations is located west of Runway 17/35 in the section to the

south of Runway 08/26. The ends of the area to be used for gliders are marked with the gliding

operations signal. The grass runway is 800 metres long. Due to the gliding runway being located within the runway strip for Runway 17/35, independent operations are not permitted. However, circuits are reconfigured during gliding operations to minimise conflicts between operations.


Taxiway A provides access to Runway 17/35 from the RPT apron for all aircraft up to Code C. It

has a sealed surface 15m wide with shoulder of 3m. Taxiway A has green taxiway centre lighting.

Taxiway B extends to the north from the RPT apron to the Aero Club hangar and associated

fuelling facility. It is a sealed Code B taxiway with green centre lighting.

Taxiway C taxiway runs parallel to Runway 17/35, and provides a link between Runway 08/26, Taxiway A and Taxiways D and E and all hangar area to the south of the terminal and RPT apron. It is a sealed Code B taxiway with green centre lighting.

Taxiway D is a sealed Code A taxiway providing access to hangars.

Taxiway E is a sealed Code A taxiway providing access to hangars from the southern end of Taxiway C.

Taxiway F provides access from Taxiway D back to Taxiway A, and services a fuelling facility.


The sealed main apron is divided into two parts. The southern area contains Bay 1, the primary RPT parking position, with lead-in and lead-out lines. Beyond the parking clearance line for this position

is a designated parking area used by itinerant aircraft parking, particularly large corporate jets and private charters.

The northern area contains Bay 2, which is marked with a single aircraft parking position with lead-in and lead-out lines for RPT aircraft, along with alternate keyhole positions for itinerant aircraft.

During race events at Mount Panorama, such as the Bathurst 1000, significant additional movements are typical. Apron parking is restricted across these periods to approved operations due to parking congestion.

There is additional apron area available for GA aircraft on a grass area outside the Aero Club.

This area is equipped with light aircraft cable tie-downs.


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