Road Safety Program

Road Safety

Bathurst Regional Council is a proud partner in the NSW Local Government Road Safety Program.

Working closely with Transport for NSW and key road safety stakeholders, council actively promotes positive behaviours and attitudes amongst all road users. Follow our road safety initiative at

Free CuppaFree Cuppa for the Driver

Free Cuppa for the Driver is an initiative aimed at reducing driver-fatigue-related crashes across NSW. The scheme is administered by a group of Road Safety Officers who engage with local cafes and other coffee providers to promote and deliver the scheme. All free cuppas are generously provided by established businesses who also want to see a reduction in our road toll.

The program runs from March 1 to May 31.

Registered Free Cuppa providers in the Bathurst Region in 2020 were:

  • Harvest Café and Store, Bathurst
  • The Brew Drive Thru, Bathurst
  • Gunther’s Lane, Bathurst
  • Rockabilly Café, Bathurst
  • Panorama Mini Mart and Takeaway, South Bathurst
  • The Church Block Café, Eglinton
  • The Wattle Flat General Store
  • The Black Stump Hotel, Trunkey Creek
  • Panners Inn, Sofala
  • The Beekeepers Inn, Vittoria

Go TogetherRoad User Coexistence

To help reduce bicycle related crashes, we are endeavouring to improve perceptions and attitudes towards cyclists and educate road users in the road rules surrounding bicycle riders.

A community survey will be undertaken to understand community attitudes and to determine what are the perceived barriers that prevent people from riding bicycles more. By increasing the visibility of cyclists on our roads, all road users grow to expect to see them more often and learn to share the road safely.

Safe Commuting

Far too many crashes in regional NSW occur travelling to and from work, or when driving as part of work. This campaign aims to put road safety front-of-mind of anyone travelling for work, or to or from work, especially around the areas of speeding and driver fatigue. #GetHomeSafely

Plan BPlan B - Win a Swag

Plan B is state-wide initiative delivered in conjunction with licenced venues, pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants, that asks patrons to think about and plan an alternative to driving home after a night out.

In the western region, there were 348 casualty crashes where alcohol was a contributing factor in the five year period between 2014 and 2018. This resulted in 36 people killed and 184 seriously injured. In Bathurst over the same period there were 31 casualty crashes resulting in 2 deaths and 18 people seriously injured.

Restraint Checks

Restraint ChecksCouncil will facilitate free restraint checking days. A licenced fitter will be on hand to give you the tools to help you make the safest choice for your child and make sure your restraint is fitted correctly.

GLS WorkshopsGLS Workshops

These popular workshops help parents and supervisors to:

  • Plan driving sessions.
  • Complete the Learner Driver log book.
  • Give constructive feedback.
  • Deal with difficulties that may arise during driving practice.

Useful Links

Whether you want to practice for your Learner Driver Licence, or just want to test and improve your knowledge of the road rules, you can do the Driver Knowledge Test here.

Before hitting the road, test just how tired you are. Fatigue is one of the 3 biggest killers on our roads, and its up to you to manage your fatigue.

A guide to help you select the most appropriate child restraint for your situation.