Littering and Dumping

Bathurst Regional Council is committed to ensuring that the Bathurst Region and our residents are as "wastewise" as possible. Council manages a range of facilities and services, activities and programs to assist residents with correctly disposing of their waste and maximising recycling opportunities.


Littering is not only an issue across Bathurst but indeed across NSW and all of Australia. The estimated cost of managing litter across Australia is more than $300 million each year.

Approximately 7 billion cigarette butts are littered in Australia each year, these are not only unsightly but can easily end up in waterways creating hazards for native wildlife and leaching toxic chemicals into water and soil.

Roadside litter is also a big problem with plastic drink bottles and take away food packaging representing the most littered items along roadways.

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has now released a free app that residents can download and use to report litter and littering from vehicles.

Bathurst Regional Council is encouraging residents of the Bathurst Region to download the free app "Report to EPA" in order to report littering from vehicles that they may observe. The Environmental Protection Authority is now able to process infringement notices based upon information received from the public. 

For more information on litter programs contact Council on 6333 6290. 

Waste Management

There are many things that residents across the Bathurst Region can all do to reduce the amount of waste created in our daily lives. Using a kerbside recycling service is one way of ensuring that household items do not go to landfill but can be transported to a recycling facility where they can be reprocessed and made into new items such as recycled plastic containers and office paper.

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