Kindy Kits Program

Since 2008 Council’s Road Safety and Environmental Officers have been delivering the Kindy Kits program to Kindergarten children in the Bathurst Region. The program aims to promote the important messages of caring for the environment and road safety to all Kindergarten students in the Local Government Area.

The program utilises two mascots, Recycle Roo and Safetysaurus. Safetysaurus is the road safety mascot who delivers road safety messages and encourages children to abide by them.

The Recycle Roo mascot helps to raise awareness about how simple changes in behaviour can reduce our impact on the environment. The main focus of the presentation is to raise awareness about recycling and what items can and can not be recycled and ensuring the right items are placed in the right bin. The students participate in an activity determining which items of rubbish can and can not be recycled.

As part of the program each child received a library bag, which carries the Recycle Roo and Safetysaurus mascots, including materials related to the program with the short listed entries for the colouring competition will be displayed in the Library with the winning entry judged by the Mayor.

This program is scheduled to be delivered to schools during February and March of each year.