Waste 2 Art

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Waste 2 Art is a free waste inspired art competition and exhibition with a category for every member of the community from pre-school through to aspiring and professional artists.

Council has compiled a series of helpful videos, an Educator's Resource document and more, to support individuals and groups to create and enter artworks in this exciting competition and exhibition.  

2023 Waste Theme: Year of Textiles.

Textile is an umbrella term that includes various fibre-based materials, including yarns, threads, and all different fabric types. Textiles can be made from a range of different materials including natural/plant based, synthetic and semi-synthetic. 

Australians buy on average 56 new items every year, making Australia the second highest consumer of textiles per person in the world, after the USA. Each Australian disposes of an average of 23kg of clothing to landfill each year. 

Much of this textile waste is attributed to the Fast Fashion industry. This clothing has far lower recycling rates than other materials like paper, glass and plastic. This is due to the short-fibre fabrics that are used which are often cheaper and thinner and cannot be rewoven into new fabrics. 

Fast Fashion results in mass production of low-quality items with an extreme negative environmental impact, with increased consumption and mass textile waste. Fast Fashion often has a negative impact on developing countries where workers are underpaid and work in unsafe conditions.