Waste & Recycling Student Information

School Tours

The school tours are conducted across 3 facilities including Water Filtration Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant and Waste Management Centre.  If you are interested in a tour please download further information here.

Student Resources

Download Council's comprehensive Community Waste Guide that explains Bathurst's waste management and resource recovery in detail. 

Download the Waste Management Virtual Tour to learn about waste management at Bathurst's Waste Management Centre on Colllege Road.

Waste Initiatives

The following report details the chronological list of strategic actions and programs relating to waste that have been implemented by Council. Essentially in summary there have been many changes, programs and improvements in the strategic waste area of Council which include the following:

It also allowed for a greater range of recyclables to be collected, especially in the plastic range. This saw the range increase to 7 types, taking in the full plastics range.

Following the increased range collection, the system allows a single pick-up with two dedicated trucks, with the material being transported back to a material recovery facility for sorting. Such benefits allowed huge gains in diversion from landfill, with compulsory participation, and greater awareness of recycling through contractor run education programs.

Other projects (2009 - 2012) that Council has completed are as follows:

In summary Council has undertaken a large number of strategies, initiatives and actions all aimed at improving waste services and diversions from Council's landfill.