Battery Disposal BinsBathurst Regional Council accepts many kinds of batteries for recycling.

Council has two locations for battery recycling; the first is the cashiers counter at the Council Civic Building, ground floor, 158 Russell St Bathurst. There are dedicated recycling containers located at the cashiers counter for all household batteries. Household batteries include; 6V, D, C, AA, AAA, 9V and button batteries and these can all be placed in the special containers along with batteries from electrical and electronic equipment including mobile phones, laptops and power tools.

Batteries which are collected by Council are sent off for reprocessing in order to recover components such as nickel, zinc, steel and cadmium. Cadmium can be re-used by battery manufacturers while recovered metals can be on-sold for reuse.

In excess of 345 million handheld batteries are purchased in Australia every year. 81% of these are single use and not rechargeable and only small quantities of batteries are returned to recycling collection sites. Battery recycling keeps batteries, a hazardous waste out of landfill where they can be harmful to the environment. In addition many metals can be recovered through battery recycling, saving valuable natural resources.

Did you know? The energy needed to make batteries is 50 times greater than the energy they give out!

All household batteries (listed above) and car batteries can also be taken to the Bathurst Waste Management Centre, located on College Rd South Bathurst for disposal. This is a free service as long as the household and car batteries are separated from other waste and placed in the correct location.

The Bathurst Waste Management Centre is open;

Monday to Friday 7.30am – 4.30pm

Saturday and Sunday 8.30am – 3.00pm

Open Public Holidays; except Good Friday and Christmas Day

For more information contact Bathurst Regional Council on 6333 6290 (General Enquiries) or 6332 9111 (Waste Management Centre Gatehouse) or via email