Safe Sharps Disposal

Many people rely on using needles and syringes to treat health related conditions. There are a number of locations in Bathurst where these needles and syringes, otherwise known as sharps can be disposed of safely. 

Please do not dispose of sharps in your recycling or waste bins. Syringe needles, and other medical sharps that are disposed of in recycling and garbage bins pose a risk to Council staff at the Waste Management Centre and staff at recycling facilities. 

Sharps should always be:

  • Placed in an appropriate sharps disposal container
  • Kept out of reach of children
  • Disposed of at a sharps collection facility or disposal bin

Sharps should never be:

  • Placed in your household waste or recycling bins or a public garbage bin
  • Flushed down toilets or drains
  • Left on the ground

Please click on this link for more information about sharps collection facilities located in Bathurst. For further information about the location of sharps disposal bins in public places within the Bathurst Region please contact Council on (02) 6333 6290.   


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