Managing Wastewater

Wastewater Disposal Managing Wastewater

Flushable Wipes

Wipes labelled "flushable" are actually not appropriate to place down the toilet and should only be disposed of in the garbage bin These products do not break down like toilet paper and can lead to sewer blockages which are costly and difficult to repair. The problem of wipes is increasing in Bathurst and across Australia, Council encourages residents to please place any wipes even ones labelled as "flushable" in the garbage bin and not down the toilet.

For more information about wipes and disposing of these correctly please click here.

On-site Septic Systems

The majority of residences within the Bathurst Regional Local Government Area are connected to the reticulated sewerage system. However rural residences require the installation of on-site effluent (wastewater) disposal systems.

The type of effluent disposal system required will depend on:

  • the size of your house
  • soil type on the property
  • depth to the water table; and
  • the environmental sensitivity of the area.

In some areas, aerobic treatment units and nutrient retentive systems are necessary to ensure that phosphorous does not impact on natural water bodies. A range of systems are available for installation however each effluent disposal system needs to be approved by NSW Health prior to obtaining Council’s consent.

Before an effluent disposal system can be installed on your property you need to complete a Local Approval to install, alter and/or operate a system of sewage management form.  This application, with payment of the appropriate fees, must be lodged with Council's Environmental, Planning & Building Services Department for assessment.  You will be notified by mail of the outcome of that assessment.

Part of the assessment process involves a risk assessment of the effluent disposal system.  This risk assessment takes into account issues such as topography, distance to property boundaries, distance to other residences and proximity to water ways.

Depending on the risk rating assigned, the effluent disposal system will be granted an “approval to operate” for a period of two, four or six years.  Prior to expiry of this approval, the owner of the property is requested to submit an application for a renewal of the "approval to operate on on site waste water system".

An inspection by a Council officer will be carried out to determine if the system is operating correctly.

Residential Sewer Connections

Residential properties are connected to Council's sewer system via a single junction in each lot, overflow gullies which may be located on residential properties allow for the inspection and servicing of these individual sewer connections. For more information about the importance of maintaining your sewer connection and any overflow gully that may be located on your property please click here.

Sewer Dump Point for Wastewater Disposal

Council operates two sewer dump points located at the Wastewater Treatment Works. These dump points can accept greywater or blackwater from commercial businesses and mobile travellers. For more information about the sewer dump points located at the Wastewater Treatment Works - 205 Morrisset St, Bathurst please click here