Water Wise

Waterwise BathurstBeing Water Wise in Bathurst

Bathurst Regional Council is committed to conserving water and working with the local community to preserve this precious resource.

Why Should We Be Water Wise?

Conserving water makes it more available for those times when it is really needed - during droughts and hot summers. Residents who adopt water wise practices can save money on water bills each quarter, and can even reduce electricity and gas bills.

Smart Approved WaterMarkWater Wise Tips

Bathurst Regional Council is partnering with Smart Approved WaterMark to provide residents of the Bathurst region with water wise information resources and tools. 

Click on the images below to discover all sorts of simple tips and ideas to help you save water at home, in the garden, and at work. You can also have a look below for water wise factsheets available for download.

Water Wise at Home   Water Wise in the Garden   Water Wise at Work


Water Wise Resources Available for Download

At Home 

Saving Water at Home
Saving Water in the Laundry
Early Leak Detection
How to Fit a Water Efficient Showerhead
Are Your Taps Dripping?
Is Your Toilet Leaking?
Saving Water in the Home - Postcard


In the Garden

Water Efficient Car Washing
How to Maintain Your Rainwater Tanks
Saving Water With Mulch
Water Efficient Pool Covers
Problem With Your Rainwater Tank Pump?
Saving Water With Rainwater Tanks
Saving Water in the Garden - Postcard

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