Water Restrictions Lawns

High water restrictions continue to apply from October 2021. 

Watering gardens & lawns IS permitted as follows: 

  • On ODDS and EVENS * system
  • Before 10.00am or after 4.00pm
  • For a maximum of 60mins total including gardens and lawns on permitted days 
  • Using hoses with trigger nozzles, soaker hoses, buckets, watering cans, irrigation systems, microsprays or any kind of water efficient device
  • A Council permit is required for new turf if restrictions cannot be adhered to (see Resources and Forms)

ODDS and EVENS system

Odd numbered properties are permitted to water on odd numbered calendar dates, even numbered properties are permitted to water on even numbered dates.

Properties with a range of street numbers should be treated as odd or even as per the first number in the range (e.g 15 - 18 Main Street be an odd property.

If a property has no street number it should be treated as an even property

The 31st of the month is a watering-free day - no properties are permitted to water.

For information how to best care for your garden and lawn, see our fact sheets in the Resources and Forms section. 


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