Water Restrictions Other

High water restrictions continue to apply from October 2021. 


Containers suppying water for domestic and native animals, garden features, bird baths, frog ponds and temporary children's pools: top up and filling IS permitted.

Washing hard surfaces: The washing of hard surfaces such as windows, verandahs, outdoor patio areas, footpaths and driveways IS PERMITTED for one-off occassions, and in such instances these activities are EXEMPT from water restrictions if a high pressure/low volume hose is used.

Indoor activities: Water conservation actions are recommended but not required. Suggestions include:  use washing machine and/or dishwasher when full, turn taps off when brushing teeth, check for dripping taps and fix leaks.  Council does not actively enforce indoor water use restrictions.

Council reminds customers that maintaining health, safety and hygiene is a priority – conservative water use for these purposes is permitted regardless of water restriction level.

Please see Resources & Forms section for forms, plans and other documents.



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