Water Conservation and Water Restrictions

Current Water Restrictions

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 From 16 March 2023, water restrictions no longer apply and Water Smart Actions are encouraged. 

 Watering of Gardens/Lawns

· Out of the heat of the day

· For a maximum of 3 hours daily total including gardens and lawns

Car washing

· Is permitted at home on the lawn, using a bucket and trigger nozzle on a hose


· A pool cover MUST be used in accordance with manufacturer's or supplier's instructions


Washing of outdoor hard surfaces such as driveways and footpaths is permitted for health and safety purposes (washing allowed in immediately affected area and with use of a high pressure/low volume water device), or prior to painting.

Full details of Water Smart actions can be found here.

Water Conservation

It is important to conserve water at all times and not just during times of drought, the following factsheets provide great examples of how to save water in and around the garden.

For a short video on why its important to save water please click here.

For more tips and ideas on saving water the following videos have some practical options to both save water and money. 

How to change a showerhead

How to check if you have a leak

How to install a flow controller

How to change a tap washer

Click on any of the links below for more information about saving water in your garden. 

Water Smart Gardens

Lawn Care

Water Smart Garden Plants 


Council also has a range of videos available on the Sustainable Bathurst Youtube channel which can assist residents with managing water smart gardens at home. Click on any of the links below to access this range of short, informative videos;

Water Smart Gardens with Dhyan Blore - Series Overview

Water Smart Gardens with Dhyan Blore - Caring for Vegetables

Water Smart Gardens with Dhyan Blore -Water Smart Plants

Water Smart Gardens with Dhyan Blore - Sheltering Plants

Water Smart Gardens with Dhyan Blore- Mulching