Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions

2A Water Restrictions

From Thursday 17 March 2022 Level 2A Water Restrictions are now in place.

What the easing of restrictions means:

Watering of Gardens/Lawns

· Before 10:00am or after 4:00pm

· For a maximum of 3 hours daily total including gardens and lawns

Car washing

· At home on lawn, using a bucket and trigger nozzle on a hose


· Top up and first fill before 10:00am and after 4:00pm

· A pool cover MUST be used in accordance with manufacturer's or supplier's instructions


Washing of outdoor hard surfaces such as driveways and footpaths is NOT permitted EXCEPT for health and safety purposes (washing only allowed in immediately affected area and with use of a high pressure/low volume water device), or prior to painting.

Full details on Level 2A restrictions, permitted uses and suggestions on saving water can be found here...

It is an individuals responsibility to comply with the restrictions.

Council anticipates keeping these restrictions in place until Chifley Dam reduces to 80 per cent capacity.



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