Change of Details

Change of Address

As a Companion Animal owner, you have a responsibility to ensure that the information on the NSW Companion Animals Register is up to date and correct.

You can correct or update the information on your animals Certificate by contacting any local Council. You may need to provide your request in writing before Council can amend the animals record.

The owner of an identified companion animal (whether or not it is registered) must notify the Register when any of the following happens:

(a)   Any change occurs in the animal details, eg. you change your address, you 
       change your contact details or you sell or give the animal away (written
       notification must be given within 14 days after the change occurs).  Click here
       to download the appropriate form

(b)    The making or revocation of a declaration by a court that a dog is dangerous
        (written notification must be given within 7 days after the declaration is
        made or revoked),

(c)    The animal dies (notifications may be made by phone, in writing or in person
        and must be given within 28 days after the animal dies). Where enforcement
        action is being taken, then a notification in writing may be requested
        accompanied by a statement from a vet that an animal has been euthanised
        or has passed away.

(d)    The animal has been missing for more than 72 hours (notifications may be 
        made by phone, in writing or in person). Notification that an animal has
        subsequently been found must also be made within 72 hours of the animal
        being found after having been reported missing.

Local Council's may not charge a fee for changing information on the Companion Animals Register. Council will provide the owner of the animal a new Certificate once the changes have been processed.

Transferring ownership

If you are looking to sell or give away your animal, you should obtain a copy of a 'Change of Owner / Details' form from any local Council or click the link above. Both you and the new owner will have to complete and sign this form. As the 'old' owner, you have the responsibility of sending the completed form to any local Council within 14 days of selling or giving the animal away.

Failure to notify the Register may result in a penalty. In addition, as long as you are the recorded owner of the animal, you may be liable for any penalties or expenses incurred if the animal attacks someone or damages somebody else's property.