Purchasing an Animal

Purchasing an Animal

Council sells cats and dogs from the Small Animal Pound.

If you see a cat or dog you like, you are welcome to enquire about the purchase of that animal.  You will be informed by Council as soon as possible after the required holding period, allowing the owner to reclaim the animal, has expired.

New owners of purchased animals are advised that the animal has not been inoculated and wormed although it may appear to be in good health, with no outward skin disorders, it is possible for the animal to be incubating diseases. Council is unable to guarantee that any animal held at the pound is free from hidden disease. Animals are purchased at the owners risk and Council cannot be held responsible for any loss or veterinary fees incurred after purchase. Animals purchased cannot be exchanged nor will any money be refunded.


Impounded livestock that are not claimed by their owner are sold by auction.  Auctions are advertised in the Council Notices section in Bathurst’s local paper, The Western Advocate, on the Saturday before the auction date.