Purchasing an Animal

Purchasing an Animal

Council sells cats and dogs from the Small Animal Pound.

If you see a cat or dog you like, you are welcome to enquire about the purchase of that animal.  You will be informed by Council as soon as possible after the required holding period, allowing the owner to reclaim the animal, has expired.

All animals purchased from the Small Animal Pound are vaccinated, wormed and checked by a vet prior to sale. All efforts are made to ensure that an animal is in good health, but Council cannot be held responsible for any veterinary fees or treatment required after the purchase of an animal. Council staff will always endeavour to ensure that an animals needs are matched to that of their new owners. Community members interested in adopting a pet are encouraged to discuss their individual circumstances (eg the size of their backyard, fences, ability to take an animal for regular exercise) with staff.

All animals are microchipped and identified, and must be registered by their new owner prior to release from the Pound.

On 1 July 2021 changes were made to the companion animals fees which mean that desexed animals purchased from a Pound or Shelter have a $0 registration fee. Further information on registration fees is available here https://www.olg.nsw.gov.au/public/dogs-cats/nsw-pet-registry/microchipping-and-registration/