Off-leash areas

Off Leash Areas

Is your dog bored sitting in the backyard at home?  Why don't you take your dog for a walk in one of Council's many off-leash areas.

Bathurst Regional Council recognises that some dogs needed more exercise than others.  As a result Council has declared 12 sites for use as off-leash dog exercise areas.

Details and maps of each off-leash dog exercise area are provided below:






Centennial Park

Subject to exclusion of playground area and operating hours before 8am and after 5pm


Kefford Street

This area is fully fenced


Land between the Evans and George Street Bridges 

Subject to operating hours before 8am and after 5pm


Russell Street

Opposite Police Paddock, bounded by Vale Creek and Russell Street



At the rear of Cottonwood Drive



Between McMenamin, Rivett and Bell Places


Brian Booth Oval

The Vale Creek side


Lavis Park and the reserve

Between Napoleon Street and Adrienne Street

South Bathurst

Jaques Park

Bounded by Alma and Violet Streets

West Bathurst

Hector Park and Rocket Street Reserve

Adjacent to the Basketball Stadium


Drainage reserve

Corner of Bradwardine and Evernden Roads

Keep in mind when using these areas all dog owners must maintain effective control over their dogs at all times.  Make sure that your dog is visible at all times and controlled by voice command.

Please pick up your dog's droppings and leave the off-leash area in a clean and tidy condition.  Not only does this keep the area clean for all users but it reduces the spread of contagious diseases, and worm infestation (eg. hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm etc).  Dog poo bins are provided at all off-leash areas.  Some off-leash areas also have bio-degradable bags attached to the bins for use when picking up your dog's droppings.