Bathurst's History and Heritage

The Bathurst region has been inhabited by the Wiradjuri people for over 40,000 years.
The Wiradjuri people are the people of the three rivers – the Wambool (Macquarie), the Calare (Lachlan) and the Murrumbidgee. The Bathurst Wiradjuri were the most easterly grouping of the Wiradjuri nation. The Wiradjuri nation’s totem is the goanna, the local Bathurst Wiradjuri totem is the possum. Discover More Wiradjuri resources

Today there are many clans/nations who have relocated here and actively contribute to the economic, social, cultural and political life of the region.

Bathurst is New South Wales' oldest European inland settlement. The Local History collection contains resources relating to the rich history, geography and environment of the region.

William StreetAside from books, there are journals, newspapers dating back to the 1840s, topographic and parish maps, plans and unique photographs.

Gregory Photographic Collection - a collection of contact prints made from glass-plate negatives, which are in the custody of the Bathurst District Historical Society.These images date from the 1890s to the 1920s and originate from the studio of Albert Gregory.

Main Street Study Photographs - William and George Streets, Bathurst: the collection is an invaluable photographic record of the buildings of major historical significance in the Bathurst CBD, including those which have been demolished. There are approximately 1000 images, sourced mainly from the Bathurst District Historical Society.

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Bathurst Recollections - Share your recollections, anecdotes and stories of Bathurst with the Library to preserve in our Local History Collection. Submit this form and your recollections by email or at Bathurst Library 70-78 Keppel Street Bathurst.


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Manly Beach 2

‘Manly Beach’ on the river - This digital display features historical photos and newspaper articles about the Macquarie-Wambuul River, particularly the swimming spot nicknamed ‘Manly Beach’.

Click here to watch the Manly Beach on the River video.


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Coal to Gold - The From coal to gold website is the result of a project which brought together a team from Lithgow and Bathurst Libraries aiming to enhance their local history collections.