Module 4 Being Conservative With Water

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Hi there, I'm Grandma Coral. Today we're going to learn about
 Being Conservative With Water.

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Module Overview

Learning Elements:

  1. Why do we need to save water?
  2. How do we look after water?
  3. Creating a water smart garden

Each learning element contains one or more: guided group discussion and activities. The delivery of the learning elements is supported by a range of specially designed fun activities sheets and  support resources.

This web page offers a brief experience of this module and it's learning elements.

The downloadable version of the module program contains more detailed information including:

  • Alignments to the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Key terms
  • Background information
  • Links to additional support resources, links and materials

Module Content

image of Wade family dog Murphy

Hi! Murphy wants to learn about saving water.

Learning Element 1: Why do we need to save water

Group discussion - Why does the weather change at different times of the year? What are the four seasons, and what weather do we associate with each season? 
  • Resource for learning:  Module 4 Wade family video
Activity: Weather across the seasons
  • Children create a weather poster using the appropriate weather icon for each season. 
  • Resources for learning - Activity Sheets: Weather Across the Seasons (poster & icons), coloured pencils
Activity: Creating a weather diary
  • Children create a weather diary for a week/fortnight
  • Resources for learning - Activity Sheets: Weather Across the Seasons (icons) and Weather Diary Worksheet, coloured pencils, scissors
Activity: What's the weather today?
  • Children create their own picture or painting showing today's weather
  • Resources for learning - A4/A3 paper, coloured pencils, paints, brushes, scissors

 Image of Dad Murray with water cans

Wow! Looks like Dad Murray is ready to find out how we can look after water.

Learning Element 2: How can we look after water

Group discussion - How many ways do we use water every day and how can we use less water and make sure it does not go to waste?
  • Resource for learning -  Activity Sheet: Water Use Flash Cards
Activity: How water smart is our learning environment?
  • Children go for a walk and observe water use around their learning environment
  • Resources for learning - Activity Sheets: Water Discover Walk; Support Resources: Examples of Stickers, and Map of Bathurst's Filtered and Raw Water System; coloured pencils

an image showing an example of a sticker

Activity: Create your own 'Water - Let's Make It Last' stickers
  • Children use a template to draw their own water smart reminders and create stickers for their learning environment. N.B. If you are a Bathurst-based early learning educator, the module document explains how you can send your artwork to Council to have stickers produced at no cost. 
  • Resources for learning - Activity Sheet: Remember...Water - Let's Make It Last; Support Resource: Examples of Stickers; pens, coloured pencils, paint, blu-tac, sticky tape, laminator & sleeves (optional).

image of Grandpa Douglas with hat

Grab your hat & water smart gear! Grandpa Douglas is keen to create a water smart garden.

Learning Element 3: Creating a water smart garden

Group discussion - In what ways does nature – plants and animals – need and use water? What does the water do? How do we use water in our gardens in our learning environment and at home?
  • Resources for learning - Support Resources: Dry Environment, Wet Environment; Activity Sheet: Water Storage & Use (maze); Video: Module 4 Wade Family 
Activity: Designing and creating a water smart garden
  • Children learn what is involved in making a water smart garden and engage in designing and creating one. 

Resources for learning - Video: Tutorial 'Creating a water smart garden'; gardening equipment and beds; Factsheet: Water Smart Gardening in Early Learning Environments 



Activities and Resources