Module 1 The Water Cycle

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Hi there, I'm Murray, Brooke and Eddy's dad.  Today we're going to learn about 
The Water Cycle

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Module Overview

Learning Elements

  1. What is the water cycle and how does it rain?
  2. What are clouds made from?
  3. Where does the rain go?

Each learning element contains one or more: guided group discussion and activities. The delivery of the learning elements is supported by a range of specially designed fun activities sheets and  support resources.

This web page offers a brief experience of this module and it's learning elements.

The downloadable version of the module program contains more detailed information including:

Module Content

image of Eddy Wade with hat

Hi kids! Eddy thinks it's so cool watching the rain fall. Have you ever wondered where the rain comes from?

Learning Element 1: What is the water cycle and how does it rain?

Group discussion - Where does water come from and how does it get there?
Activity: Water cycle role play using musical instruments and movement?
Activity: Complete the water cycle activity sheet

 image of Mum Delta Wade with hat

Mum Delta has been outside and found some amazing shapes in the clouds? Let's go outside and find cloud shapes too.

Learning Element 2: What are clouds made from? 

Group discussion - What are clouds? Are they all the same shape, size and colour?
Activity: Cloud study - outdoor activity using observation and reflection skills
Activity: Cloud creations

image of Brooke Wade with hat

Brooke has been following the rain when it falls on the ground. Do you know where rain goes? 

Learning Element 3: Where does rain go? 

Group discussion - Where does the water go when it rains and what happens to it?
Activity: Making it rain - an experiment