Pigeons and Pest Birds

Pest birds in the Bathurst region include feral pigeons, starlings, Indian mynas, sparrows and blackbirds. Pest birds are known to damage buildings, block gutters with nests and faeces, eat crops and compete with native species.

Pest Pigeon

Bird damage is a significant problem in Australia, with over 100 species that can cause significant losses to fruit, nut, grain, rice and aquaculture industries, create conflicts in urban areas, damage infrastructure, reduce aesthetic values, and pose risks to the environment and to human health. (Invasive Animals CRC, 2010).

In 2012 Bathurst Regional Council engaged NGH Environmental to develop a Pest Bird Management Strategy for the Bathurst Region.

This strategy recommends the best ways to control pest birds:

  • The responsibility of controlling pest birds, such as pigeons, falls on the property owner/s where they are present
  • It is recommended to conduct a cooperative program in partnership with neighbouring properties.
  • Pest birds in the suburban and residential areas can also be reduced by increasing habitat for native species by planting native plants.

A survey was conducted to gain an understanding of the extent of the issue so that the Council and community can take a coordinated approach towards managing pest birds. A summary of the survey results is available here.

The strategy and pest bird fact sheets
are now available:

Council have ongoing programs to help combat pest birds. This includes providing nest boxes for native birds in Council reserves and the community, discussing options for control with property owners and installing starling and myna traps on Council land. Council has contributed ongoing funds towards trapping and removal programs since 2013.

For more information, please call Council's Environment Section on (02) 6333 6511.

Can you tell the difference between the pest Indian or Common Myna (left) and the native Noisy Miner (right)?

Native Miner

Pest Myna