4 Year Delivery and Annual Operational Plan

Council, on the 17 June 2020, adopted the current Delivery & Annual Operational Plan. This Plan includes the Delivery Plan 2020-2024 and Annual Operational Plan 2020/2021.

The Plan outlines the strategies and financial resources required over the next four years to implement the key directions identified by the community in our Bathurst 2040 Community Strategic Plan. To view the Bathurst 2040 Community Strategic Plan click here

If you have any questions about the below documents, contact Council’s Financial Services Section on (02) 6333 6111.

Bathurst 2024 Plan
Bathurst 2023 Plan
Bathurst 2022 Plan
Bathurst 2021 Plan
Bathurst 2020 Plan
Bathurst 2019 Plan
Bathurst 2018 Plan
Bathurst 2017 Plan
Bathurst 2016 Plan
Management Plan 2011/2015
Management Plan 2010/2014
Management Plan 2009/2013
Management Plan 2008/2012
Management Plan 2007/2011
 Management Plan 2006/2007
Management Plan 2005-2006
Management Plan 2004-2005